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In a hyperconnected world, as we are more and more stressed and take less and less time for ourselves,
treating ourselves to a moment of "hyperdisconnection" has become essential to our physical and emotional balance.

How about giving yourself time to unwind in order to recharge your batteries, relax, and escape?


Skinjay presents you with an opportunity to combine a priceless moment of well-being with a daily ritual: SHOWERING.

Thanks to a concept that offers an innovative and particularly effective method for diffusing essential oils into shower water, Skinjay helps you benefit from the positive effects of Aromatherapy and Aromachology directly on your body and through inhalation, all the while you enjoy an intense moment of well-being in the shower.

Adopt Skinjay, install the Module in your shower very easily, and choose the essential oil shower capsules
depending on your wishes and needs on the day.

The Aromachology capsules from the ODYSSEY collection will stimulate your senses and take you on an intense emotional journey to the heart of your memories, while the Aromatherapy capsules from the MISSION collection
will ease the minor ailments of your daily life thanks to the recognised beneficial qualities of essential oils.

All our products adhere to a quality charter without any compromises: :
_100% Made in France
_100% natural fragrances
_Capsules made from 100% recyclable materials

Skinjay has already been adopted by the most prominent luxury hotels in the world and their customers.
You too can choose to transform your shower into a true haven dedicated to your well-being.