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Stimulating, invigorating and strengthening, essential oils have many virtues that boost your body and mind. Whether you’re tackling a period of temporary tiredness or a state of recurring stressessential oils are a valuable ally.

How to recover your energy with essential oils?

There are many possible reasons for lacking energy: stress, sleep deprivation, food deficiencies or an unhealthy lifestyle. 

Changing seasons can also affect energy levels. When winter comes, days become shorter and temperatures drop. These are all factors that greatly affect vitality and energy. Winter is not the only time when an overall state of exhaustion can get you down. All year round, tiredness can creep up on you and affect your quality of life in many ways. 

Do you suffer from a chronic or persisting lack of energy? Are you looking for a natural but effective solution to increase your energy levels? What you need is aromatherapy. As long-term support or a quick way to get back into shape, essential oils are excellent resources to recover vitality, tonus and energy. Lavender, ylang ylang, rosemary, peppermint, lemon… Essential oils adapt to each exhausting everyday situation.

What essential oils stimulate the body and mind?

Essence de menthe poivrée et citron vert

Some essential oils help fight against physical or mental fatigue. These include:

  • Peppermint essential oil: Peppermint has a myriad of beneficial effects. Among others, it stimulatesand reinvigorates the body and mind. Peppermint essential oil also stimulates intellectual ability and helps remain concentrated and awake.

  • Lime essential oil: Recognised for effectively acting against anxiety, stress and insomnia, lime essential oil also boasts invigorating properties. When you inhale it, lime essential oil restores vitality and lifts your spirits.

  • Davana essential oil: Its woody and fruity fragrance with hints of apricot is both energising and soothing. As part of aromatherapy, davana essential oil helps fight against anxiety and stress.

  • Lemon essential oil: Obtained by cold pressing lemon zest, lemon essential oil has energising and strengthening properties. Its fresh invigorating scent stimulates and revives the mind.

  • Cistus essential oil: Cistus essential oil is most often recommended as a way to bolster your body's natural defences. It is also used in the form of vapour for its enlivening effect and relaxing properties.

How to use stimulating essential oils?

sport et douche avec capsule de douche forest skinjay

If you want to stimulate your body instantly all the whole enjoying a moment of pure relaxation, Skinjay’sshower module is one of the most often recommended solutions. Thanks to its patented technology, the shower module transforms the synergy of essential oils contained in its capsules into a light rain that if diffused in the air and onto your skin. Whether you want to treat yourself to an extraordinary sensory experience or ease the little aches and pains of daily life in children under 3 years old, Skinjay capsules promise 5 to 8 minutes of intense well-being. 


For a divinely stimulating shower, the SUNSHINE ODYSSEY capsule is the one to go for. It creates synergy between lime, davana and peppermint essential oils in a way designed to boost your energy. Equally invigorating, the FOREST ODYSSEY capsule will take you straight to the wilderness, where letting go is a must.

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