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Tiredness, irritability, muscle pain, bloating... Could it be time for a detox? Over the years, your body accumulates waste that it increasingly struggles to remove. To help it do so, try aromatherapy!

How to cleanse the body and mind with essential oils?

Can you feel your metabolism slowing down? Is your complexion dull? Are you having trouble digesting? There’s no question about it: it’s high time for a detox! 

Food, stress, pollution, smoking and alcohol are all sources of toxins that attack your body on a daily basis. Throughout the year, or as a one-off treatment when the seasons change, some essential oils are recommended as a way to help your body regain its vitality. 

There's nothing better than essential oils to detox gently. Thanks to the purifying, draining and detoxifying properties of some essential oils, aromatherapy is an effective solution to eliminate toxins and restore your body’s energy.

What essential oils cleanse the body?

Plantes Genièvre, carottes et romarin

By way of the liver, the bowels, the skin, the lungs and the kidneys, your body drains and removes waste products of cellular metabolism. When it comes to helping the body's excretory system, some detox treatments are the perfect answer. Detox treatments involving essential oils have the advantage of acting on many everyday ailments, in a long-lasting but gentle manner. As they can be combined, essential oils are a powerful ally to help the body get rid of its toxins. The most effective detox treatments involving essential oils include the following:

  • Carrot essential oil: Known for purifying and regenerating the body, carrot essential oil also boasts relaxing and revitalising properties. It helps detoxify your liver and improves the function of the gallbladder. With unmatched draining properties, it also promotes healthy bowels.

  • Rosemary verbenone essential oil: Recommended in cases of liver disorders, rosemary verbenone essential oil provides support for the liver and the digestive system. Thanks to its antioxidant effect, this essential oil relieves the liver if you’re feeling tired or fragile.

  • Juniper essential oil: A natural draining depurative, this essential oil helps cleanse toxins from the body. Juniper essential oil also helps drain the urinary and bile ducts all the while fighting against water retention.

How to use detox essential oils?

femme yoga et douche detox skinjay

Whether you’re looking to regain your inner balance, promote drainage, support digestion or eliminate toxins, essential oils have powerful properties. To make the most of the benefits of essential oils, focus on innovation. Thanks to the Skinjay shower module, you can detox in your own shower. Easy to install and use, the Skinjay shower module screws on between the flexible shower hose and mixer tap.


Once you’ve installed the shower module, diffuse the synergy of the essential oils in the DETOX MISSION capsule in the form of a gentle rain. The capsule helps free your body from toxins all the while offering a detoxifying moment of pure pleasure. The synergy of essential oils, including carrot, rosemary verbenone and juniper, helps you regenerate and eliminate toxins. It’s the perfect way to treat yourself to a well-being break all the while promoting the body’s natural draining.

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