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The powerful properties of essential oils can support the immune system, which is your best ally against any attack. Eucalyptus, thyme thymol, tea tree, ravintsara, lemon... Some essential oils come to the rescue of the body’s natural defences all year round.

How to strengthen your immune system with essential oils?

The immune system is a key barrier when it comes to staying in overall good health and effectively fighting against various infections, whether seasonal or otherwise. Stress, smoking, tiredness and an unhealthy diet can all negatively affect your immune defences.


Immunity is directly linked to health: having a strong immune system guarantees good health. Do you feel tired? Do you lack energy and develop all sorts of infections? It sounds like your immune system is weakened. Sore throat, cold, bronchitis, flu, gastroenteritis... You can avoid all these problems by boosting your immune system. How? By choosing natural solutions such as aromatherapy.

What essential oils strengthen the immune system?

batons de cannelle et romarin

Essential oils are one of the best natural remedies if you want to give your immune system a boost. Some essential oils are especially recommended as a way to stimulate the body and restore its energy.

  • Tea tree essential oil: Known for supporting immunity defences, tea tree essential oil is a source of terpinen-4-ol, a purifying and fortifying molecule. Thanks to its antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral activities, tea tree essential oil is the perfect ally for strengthening your immune system.

  • Cinnamon essential oil: With its antibacterial and antiviral effects, cinnamon essential oil fights against winter’s ailments by stimulating the body’s immunity defences. Its invigorating properties give the body energy when your immune system is weakened and when you feel temporarily tired.

  • L’huile essentielle de Thym Thymol : bien qu’il existe plusieurs sortes d’huiles essentielles de Thym, le Thym Thymol reste l’huile essentielle la plus indiquée pour aider à traiter toute sorte de pathologies infectieuses. Immunostimulante hors pair, cette huile essentielle est réputée pour lutter contre les fatigues physiques et psychiques.

  • Thyme thymol essential oil: Although there are many different kinds of thyme essential oil, thyme thymol essential oil is the most recommended as a way to help treat all sorts of infectious disorders. As a bonus, this essential oil stimulates the immune system and is known for fighting against both physical and mental fatigue.

How to use essential oils to stimulate immunity?

femme nature et douche avec la capsule fight de Skinjay

Essential oils can be used separately or in synergy as part of a massage, through inhalation, by applying onto the skin, or orally. To diffuse essential oils effectively and make the most of a unique sensory experience in your own bathroom, choose Skinjay’s shower module. A few minutes per day in the shower are enough to feel all the positive effects of this moment of pleasure that will also boost your immune defences. Skinjay's shower module is easily screwed on between the flexible shower hose and the mixer tap. Our patented micro-nebulisation technology transforms the essential oils contained in the various shower capsules into a lightly scented mist. As a way to strengthen immunity and boost even the most fragile bodies, Skinjay has developed two synergies of essential oils:

  • The FIGHT MISSION capsule: This synergy of chamomile, tea tree and thyme thymol essential oils strengthens immune defences and blocks attacks from the outside. Ginger essential oil combined with energising Scotch pine essential oil and black pepper essential oil with its antiviral and analgesic properties all come together in this capsule, which is highly effective if your immune system is weakened either temporarily or chronically.

  • The COCOON ODYSSEY capsule: The combination of cinnamon, sweet orange and nutmeg is bound to bring to mind comforting evenings in front of the fire. A true sensory interlude, the COCOON ODYSSEY capsule is perfect for strengthening the immune system all the while improving sleep by regenerating the body and refocusing vital energies. Treat yourself to a relaxing moment and escape daily stress.

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