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Based on the principles of aromachology, the ODYSSEY capsules are just like Marcel Proust's
famous madeleines, designed to take your mind on a journey back to your most joyful memories.

Try and discover the pleasures of these capsules containing natural fragrances, highly concentrated in essential oils.

5 capsules with essential oils of Rose Geranium, Red Fruits, Vanilla
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Want to experience every sense and let your emotions run wild ? Let yourself be enchanted by the romantic notes of geranium, red fruits, vanilla essential oils. Glamour Odyssey evokes Love with a...


Aromachology ?

We've all had the experience. A breath of a particular odour, and our mind suddenly finds itself inundated with happy memories and strong emotions.
It's scientific. The primary olfactory cortex in the human brain, which processes information about odours, is directly linked to both the amygdalae, which control emotions, and the hippocampus, which controls memory. This is why the emotional reactions to a particular perfume can be so deep and personal. Based on the principles of aromachology, the ODYSSEY capsules are just like Marcel Proust's famous madeleines, designed to take your mind on a journey back to your most joyful memories.

Experience a unique form of wellbeing thanks to an innovative and efficient method of diffusing essential oils into your shower water.

Choose the capsules that match your needs and preferences.The Aromachology capsules from the ODYSSEY collection will stimulate your senses and take you on an intense emotional journey to the heart of your memories, while the Aromatherapy capsules from the MISSION collection will ease the minor ailments of your daily life thanks to the recognised beneficial qualities of essential oils.



    The genius of Skinjay’s essential oil blends triggers a sensory journey the moment any capsule is activated. Our patented micro-nebulisation technology effectively allows essential oils to be diffused through your shower in the form of micro-droplets that fall like fine rain on to your skin, contributing to your well-being. Skinjay has developed a cosmetic formulation enabling essential oils to be nebulised once in contact with warm water from the shower.
    After a few minutes of showering, the pores will dilate as a result of the warm water and allow you to enjoy the various recognised benefits of essential oils both on the body and through inhalation. After your shower, you can linger a little longer in the olfactory bubble that will persist in your bathroom for 10 to 20 minutes. The capsules are not designed for washing and do not lather, but are non-greasy and unperfumed. 


    It's proven. Scents and smells have an influence on our behavior and our emotions. In the human brain the primary olfactory cortex, which processes information about smells, is directly linked to the amygdala, which controls emotions, and to the hippocampus, which controls memories. This is why the emotional reactions to a scent are so personal and profound. A whiff of a perfume can make you travel towards your most intimate memories.


    The benefits of the shower are numerous. Showering is one of the most effective ways to say goodbye to fatigue in body and mind, stress and accumulated tension. In addition to gently cleansing the skin, shower water has toning or soothing properties, depending on its temperature and the products used.

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