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Aromachology? We've all had the experience.
A breath of a particular odour, and our mind suddenly finds itself inundated with happy memories and strong emotions.

It's scientific. The primary olfactory cortex in the human brain, which processes information about odours, is directly linked to both the amygdalae,
which control emotions, and the hippocampus, which controls memory. This is why the emotional reactions to a particular perfume can be so deep and personal.
Based on the principles of aromachology, the ODYSSEY capsules are just like Marcel Proust's famous madeleines, designed to take your mind on a journey back
to your most joyful memories.

Try and discover the pleasures of these capsules containing 100% natural fragrances, highly concentrated in essential oils.

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EVOCATIVE OF A SUMMERTIME DUSK WITH THE SWEET SCENTS OF NEROLI, WHITE SANDALWOOD AND ROMAN CHAMOMILE Feeling the need to refocus and bring harmony and balance to your life?Give yourself a moment of...

5-pack capsules
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A SOLAR STAR IN A MINTY STORMOF SWEET LIMEAND DAVANAIn need of a boost and a bit of oomph ? Want to feel energised and ready to tackle any challenge ?Step into a scent explosion to excite your...

5-pack capsules
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An exotic constellation eclipsed by Citrus and Neroli with hints of VanillaWant to get out of the daily grind, stop the monotony and escape town? Step into the heart of a luxuriant tropical forest...