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Aromatherapy ? We all have a natural need to combat life's everyday little woes.
Using the recognised virtues of essential oils, aromatherapy produces beneficial effects on the body through the power
of essences extracted from plants.

It's proven. Essential oils are made up of large numbers of complex and varied molecules
that act on the organism's biochemical receptors, producing a specific therapeutic benefit. Using the properties and effectiveness
of essential oils together in synergy strengthens their effects. Based on the principles of aromatherapy, MISSION capsules contain
blends of essential oils specially chosen to meet specifically targeted needs.

Try and discover the pleasures of these capsules containing 100% natural fragrances, highly concentrated in essential oils.

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Activate anti-toxins mode thanks to the FRESH CARROT, VERBENONE ROSEMARY AND JUNIPER ESSENTIAL OILS! Need to free your body from toxins? Let yourself be carried away by this purifying wave of...

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Prepare your body and mind for a peaceful night thanks to NEROLI, GREEN MANDARIN AND YLANG YLANG ESSENTIAL OILS! Do you want to let go and prepare your body to welcome sleep?Treat yourself to a...