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Are you unsure about which essential oil capsules to order?

Treat yourself to our seasonal kits and special offers to take advantage of competitive prices. 

Choose the kit best tailored to your needs and enjoy moments of relaxation and unwinding in the shower every single day.

for 2 mission packs & 4 odyssey  
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On the occasion of Pink October, we wanted to design a kit in support of the Ruban Rose association and the fight against breast cancer. Fall for this kit composed of:2 pack of 5 capsules GLAMOUR...

The 3 Odyssey Packs & 3 Mission
74,40 € 59,52 € Add to cart

We have selected the best essential oils capsules to accompany you throughout this new school year. On the program in your shower: Detox, Immune Boost, Relaxation, Energy, Rest and Comfort as...

For 6 Odyssey & Mission packs
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Thanks to our special mid-season capsules selection, take advantage of HONEY's tenderness for a comforting break, the carefreeness offered by MAGIC on a daily basis and the freshness of DETOX to...

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Fall for this selection of Odyssey capsules and give yourself the freedom to choose the capsule that suits your needs every day.This kit of 30 Skinjay capsules is made of :  1  SMOOTH ODYSSEY...


Thanks to its diffuser, which offers a unique method of diffusing essential oils into shower water, Skinjay helps you make the most of the beneficial qualities of the various essential oils contained in the capsules, in the bubble of comfort that is your shower.

Once the Skinjay essential oil diffuser is set up in your shower, all you need to do is choose a capsule, give it a good shake to mix the contents and insert it into the module, as described in our advice for use.

Once the capsule is activated in the device and you turn your shower on, you will be able to make the most of the positive effects of the essential oils directly on your skin and by breathing them in, all the while enjoying an intense moment of well-being in the shower.

Thanks to the various 6-pack kits that are regularly on offer, you have the opportunity to discover several different capsules and therefore tailor your daily showers to your wants and needs. Fall in love with one of our 6-pack kits and
and reinvent your shower every day.