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« Jingle Bells, jingle Bells, Jingle all the way! »

With the holiday season just a few weeks away, it's time to activate your Christmas vibe. Decoration of the tree, Christams Eve menu chosen, gifts bought... No? Are you short of gift ideas? Let us help you!

This year, offer your loved ones a unique wellness experience in the shower.


Skinjay is based on the aromatherapy principles. The Skinjay essential oil diffuser makes it possible to diffuse during 5 to 8 minutes the right combination and dose of essential oils directly in the shower water so that you can enjoy their positive effects on your skin and by breathing them in.

Offer for Christmas intense moments of well-being to be activated whenever you need it.


to be installed in the shower

Weekend handyman and women do not tremble, the Skinjay diffuser can be installed in 1 minute and without any work on all showers equipped with a shower head.

I offer an essential oil shower diffuser


to be inserted in the diffuser

Composed by an aromatherapy expert, our 6 Christmas Packs kit concentrates the best of essential oils. Offer your loved ones 30 capsules with 100% natural fragrances.

I offer a pack of capsules


The Magic of Christmas with the MAGIC Odyssey capsule:

With essential oils of
Mexican Lime,
Cinnamon from Sri Lanka
and Patchouli from Indonesia.

Discover the capsule

Cocooning evenings
with the COCOON Odyssey capsule:

With essential oils of
Ceylon cinnamon,
sweet orange from Brazil
and nutmeg from Indonesia.

Discover the capsule

A dose of delicacies
with the HONEY Odyssey capsule:

With essential oils of
Roman Chamomile from France,
Neroli from Tunisia
and White Sandalwood from Mysore.

Discover the capsule

Detox after the holidays
with the DETOX Mission capsule:

With essential oils of
fresh carrot,
rosemary with verbenone
and juniper.

Discover the capsule

An ally for winter
with the FIGHT Mission capsule:

With essential oils of
Ceylon Cinnamon,
Thyme Thymol
and Australian Tea Tree.

Discover the capsule

A well-deserved rest
with the BEDTIME Mission capsule:

With essential oils of
Green Mandarin,

Discover the capsule


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100% Made In France

2-year warranty

48h after-sale service

Easy maintenance

Capsules made from recyclable materials

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