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Is the module compatible with any shower? 

The Skinjay module is compatible with any shower that has a universal shower hose and accessible connection. If the layout of your bathroom does not allow for conventional installation, connectors will enable you to attach the module to an awkward wall or to the side of the bath and still enjoy the spa experience in your bathroom.

How should I go about installing the Skinjay module?

The Skinjay module can be installed in under a minute with no labour required, in much the same way as a new shower hose or shower head. Instructions can be found in the manual.
Unscrew your shower hose. Place one of the seals provided into the nut on the module and screw the module with the nut onto the tap or mixer tap instead of your hose. Then connect your hose by aiming it at the base of the module.
Pliers may be needed for tightening or loosening shower fittings if scaling is present.

Does the module require any particular maintenance?

The module is made from robust materials in compliance with French standards for safety and longevity (Certificate of Sanitary Conformity/ACS) and designed to last for many years to come. It does not require any more maintenance than your regular tap. The use of overly acidic, alkali or abrasive products is not recommended, neither is the use of bleach, which can damage the chrome coating.

Will my shower still work if I don't use a capsule? 

When no capsule is inserted, whether the module is open or closed, the shower will function as usual.

Is it possible to use the shower head with Skinjay?

The Skinjay module currently only allows for the diffusion of essential oils from the head via the hose.
This avoids the need for costly modifications to your fixtures.

How long is the Skinjay module guaranteed for? 

The module is guaranteed for 2 years. In the event that it should break during this time, simply contact customer services to request a free replacement.


What are the properties of Skinjay capsules?

The genius of Skinjay’s essential oil blends triggers a sensory journey the moment any capsule is activated. Our patented micro-nebulisation technology effectively allows essential oils to be diffused through your shower in the form of micro-droplets that fall like fine rain on to your skin, contributing to your well-being. Skinjay has developed a cosmetic formulation enabling essential oils to be nebulised once in contact with warm water from the shower.
After a few minutes of showering, the pores will dilate as a result of the warm water and allow you to enjoy the various recognised benefits of essential oils both on the body and through inhalation. After your shower, you can linger a little longer in the olfactory bubble that will persist in your bathroom for 10 to 20 minutes. The capsules are not designed for washing and do not lather, but are non-greasy and unperfumed. 

How do I activate Skinjay capsules? 

Having heated the water for your shower, turn off the water, shake the capsule to ensure the essential oils are well-mixed, then insert the capsule into the module by sliding the base of the capsule into the slot designed for this very purpose. Then simply turn the ring on the module (the barrel that says SKINJAY) 180° to the visual mark. Turn on the water and relax.

What is inside Skinjay capsules?

Skinjay capsules contain a 100% natural formulation. These formulations have been created in accordance with current European cosmetic regulations. They have therefore been tested under dermatological and ophthalmological control.

Can I use Skinjay capsules to wash with?

The capsules aren’t actually designed for washing, but provide a remarkably relaxing break in the form of an on-demand sensorial experience in the comfort of your shower. You can therefore enjoy the Skinjay experience before, during or after washing. Don’t forget to rinse yourself with clear water after each Skinjay experience.

Will an essential oil shower leave my hair or skin greasy?

Contrary to what you might understand by ‘oils’, essential oils are not fatty substances but essences. Skinjay formulations won’t leave any greasy residue on your hair or skin after using Skinjay capsules.

Will my skin be scented after a Skinjay shower?

Skinjay capsules are designed to provide a sensory experience without perfuming your skin. So they won't have any effect on whatever fragrance you usually wear. However, the olfactory sensation from the Skinjay capsule will pervade your bathroom for some minutes after, for an intense and sustained sensorial experience.

Will the capsule colour the water?

Skinjay capsules contain only natural, uncoloured ingredients.

Will using Skinjay products make the bath or shower slippery?

No. The essential oils used are much less viscous than most standard shower gels and shampoos. They are easily rinsed away with water.

How long does a Skinjay shower take?

A capsule lasts as long as a shower, providing a 5 to 8 minute olfactory experience.

Can I stop and restart my shower?

Absolutely! As long as the capsule has been activated inside the Skinjay module, you can stop and restart your shower. While there are essential oils still left in the capsule, they will continue to be diffused.

When I remove the capsule after use, it still feels full. Is this normal?

The Skinjay module mixes the essential oils with water in order to diffuse them. This explains why there is water in the capsule at the end of your shower experience. Simply empty it out in your shower or bath after removing it from the module.

Are Skinjay capsules recyclable? 

Skinjay has opted for aluminium lids and PEHD plastic casings for its capsules, resulting in an entirely recyclable product.
To recycle the Skinjay capsules, all you need to do is:
_Peel the lid off the capsule
_ Discard the lid
_ Recycle the capsule


No. Only Skinjay's specially formulated capsules promise to diffuse the contents in the water from your shower in the optimal way. What's more, our capsules are sealed in our production facility and comply with best manufacturing practices for the cosmetic industry.

Are there any warnings regarding the use of Skinjay capsules?

Capsules are not suitable for children less than 3 years old and are not recommended for use by pregnant or breastfeeding women, or people allergic to the allergens outlined in our legal disclaimer.