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Supplied with 4 capsules
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For Pink October, part of the sales of our essential oil diffuser for the shower ONE FULL CHROME will be donated to the Ruban Rose association and the fight against breast cancer. Fall for this...

Supplied with 4 capsules
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The ONE CHROME essential oil diffuser diffuses the right blend and doses of essential oils directly into your shower's water - helping you benefit from their effects on your skin and through...

For 6 Odyssey & Mission packs
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Thanks to our special mid-season capsules selection, take advantage of HONEY's tenderness for a comforting break, the carefreeness offered by MAGIC on a daily basis and the freshness of DETOX to...

The 3 Odyssey Packs & 3 Mission
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We have selected the best essential oils capsules to accompany you throughout this new school year. On the program in your shower: Detox, Immune Boost, Relaxation, Energy, Rest and Comfort as...

for 2 mission packs & 4 odyssey  
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On the occasion of Pink October, we wanted to design a kit in support of the Ruban Rose association and the fight against breast cancer. Fall for this kit composed of:2 pack of 5 capsules GLAMOUR...

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Fall for this selection of Odyssey capsules and give yourself the freedom to choose the capsule that suits your needs every day.This kit of 30 Skinjay capsules is made of :  1  SMOOTH ODYSSEY...

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